a picnic at home

a picnic at home

The sandwich, like most dishes, can fall into a routine from which it needs a bit of inspiration.  Just around the corner from the market square in Abingdon, I found at "Added Ingredients" deli some new combinations to explore at home.



This sandwich is a mix of goat's cheese, rye bread, dill, salami, and some tomatoes on the side that had survived a recent trip back from Lyon.

Even though it was still early evening, there's no reason not to enjoy candlelight for a summer picnic.  This candle was made in Abingdon by Mia Sarosi (www.miasarosi.com) and was a lovely complement to the food.

Stay tuned for more combinations from "Added Ingredients" in Abingdon (www.addedingredients.co.uk).  Enjoy!


Photography: Ben Robinson

Food styling: Tanya Robinson

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