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Brief loves that live forever

Brief loves that live forever

Recently at the Oxford Literary Festival we had the chance to meet and listen to Andrei Makine, a Russian author who emigrated to France in the 1980s and who now writes exclusively in French.

His recent novel "Brief loves that live forever" is beautiful and full of evocative images.  It was inspiring to think about how a choice of language influences our expression of emotion and paints images for the reader.  

It reminded me again of the power of a portrait to express underlying emotion..  if a picture paints a thousand words then a portrait unveils a whole new vocabulary.  Things that are often left unsaid.

The evening finished on a surreal note as it was the day that Boris Berezovsky, the exiled oligarch living in London, was found dead.  A journalist was seeking comments from the audience as there were a lot of Russians present.  The initial impulse is to say something.. anything..  as you feel the death of a public figure is worthy of comment.  Yet, all in all, the simple response is of sadness and a realization afresh of the fragility of life.  Life is short and each day deserves to be lived to the full.

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