apricot tart in Lyon

apricot tart in Lyon

No chopping, marinating or baking for this recent adventure; simply the joy of discovering the perfect apricot tart at a local market in Lyon.

An abundance of colour, aroma and texture that came together as a medley on a tranquil summer afternoon.


The apricots are here.  And we enjoyed them together with peaches and tomatoes from the market.

We had also tried a few delicacies from the patisserie - the obligatory croissant, pain au chocolat and eclairs more than living up to their reputations.

But sometimes you want to share at home a whole tart, and enjoy cutting the size of piece you want as the coffee awaits on the table.

Sharing food with friends on a balcony while the sun shines and children play in the courtyard below.

It's good to be alive.  And we found room for a second piece.







Photography: Ben Robinson

Food styling: Tanya Robinson

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