This journey to the table was inspired in Hungary, cooked up in London, transported around the delightful M25 early on a gloomy winter morning to arrive (almost) unscathed to a friend's beautiful kitchen in Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire.

I didn't cook this time, but rather stayed firmly fixed behind the lens.  With Tanya's invaluable help as stylist, the goal was to bring alive the story of a newly launched business:  Paprikash - Hungarian street food food.



 This Hungarian specialty - Langos - is a pastry similar to pizza, though the yeasty dough is fried rather than baked.  Toppings vary greatly, and pictured here include smoked sausage, tomatoes, chives and creme fraiche.


 Other dishes included the ingredients and rich, spicy flavours of a Hungarian goulash combined inside a pie made with hot water crust pastry.  This British favourite was given even more of a Hungarian twist by adding paprika into the pastry mix before baking.


Next up was Hungarian meatballs with smoked paprika celeriac chips and a creamy mushroom sauce.  It would have taken me a month to cook all this, so glad for once I was able to concentrate on composition and light to help tell the story of this lovely food.


 To finish off the day there was a classic Hungarian "Dobas Torta" - an amazing cake with chocolate buttercream icing between thin sponge layers and covered with caramel.



Paprikash street food... coming soon to a market near you (especially if you live near London, or are willing to travel).

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