strawberry soup

strawberry soup

Chilled strawberry soup with basil.  Ridiculously simple to make and refreshing, it's a perfect end to a summer day.  Gently pour into a bowl and find your spoon.

Simply blend 500g of strawberries with 100g of sugar, a couple of tablespoons of lime juice, a few basil and mint leaves and 100ml of water.

It does indeed seem, however, that not all strawberries are created equal.  Many strawberries you find (even at this time of year) are suspiciously uniform in size and sadly lacking in the sweet, lingering aroma of... strawberry.

These lovely berries were selected by Peter Slade at 2 North Parade, Oxford (www.2northparade.com) and sourced from Rectory Farm in Stanton St. John, Oxford (www.eventassistant.org.uk/RectoryFarm/PYO).

The basil was handpicked from the courtyard behind 2 North Parade, and its fragrance was an ideal complement for the sweetness of the strawberries.



As with any recipe, these are guidelines and adjust according to your personal taste.  Next time I'll try a bit less sugar and a bit more lime and basil.

If you can be patient to let it chill for a while then that would be ideal.  We were ready to try, and once we started it didn't last long.

Taste and enjoy.

Photography: Ben Robinson

Food styling: Tanya Robinson

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