whole roasted squash

whole roasted squash

Removing the seeds and retaining the top as a lid, each person at the table can have their own, personal stuffed and roasted squash.  



For this recipe we used 3 different types of squash provided through our friends at 2 North Parade, Oxford. (www.2northparade.com).

'Uchiki Kuri', 'Sweet Dumpling' and 'Gem squash' complete an unusual sounding trilogy of squashes that were grown locally at North Aston Organics. (www.northastonorganics.co.uk).

To enhance the squash, after roasting for 30 minutes we added some Rollright cheese, locally produced at the King Stone Dairy. (kingstonedairy.wordpress.com). The milk comes primarily from Brown Swiss cows, and they've clearly adapted well to life in the Oxfordshire countryside near Chipping Norton.

This semi-soft cheese with a buttery texture is the perfect complement to the earthy flesh of the squash.

To keep the cheese company, we added some crispy bacon, mushrooms, onion, and some amazing garlic from the Isle of Wight.

A different, yet simple way to experience diverse varieties of autumn squash. 

Eat and enjoy!

Photography: Ben Robinson

Food styling: Tanya Robinson

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