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Why I'm a photographer

Why I'm a photographer

Given a choice, I come back to image. I'm a photographer not firstly because of the images I capture through the lens. That's the result. I'm a photographer because of how I see the world.

Walking down the street I'm struck by the ways people and their surroundings interact. I imagine what things might look like from a different perspective. I rejoice in unexpected symmetry and smile with things that fit because they're seemingly out of place.

I've discovered the language of visual image expressed through photography is how I speak best. This has been an intriguing discovery because, like for all of us, there are different ways I enjoy connecting with others.. the spoken and written word, music, and even the language of taste expressed through food and hospitality.

As a cultural nomad I've often struggled to fit in and know my place. And through countless transitions I've come to discern emotion in others and be patient and watch. Because I know in myself how people are good at masking what they really feel.

At 40, I've come to a place where I know my passion and I want the pursuit of this to be the focus of my life work in the years ahead. It's been a long road to get here and the journey will no doubt have more twists and surprises ahead.

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